Caonabo 100% Essential oils blend

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Bravery, Discipline, Confidence, Will power, Passion and Strength! 

This oil is everything but shy. Feel his earthy and fresh aroma fill your life and embrace the warrior journey.

When diffused, Myrrh is known to lift negative energy, encourage the feeling of being grounded, and initiate spiritual awakening. Applied on the skin, for massage or daily use, Myrrh Essential Oil strengthens the muscles and refines the skin while encouraging relaxation. 

Sandalwood is a well know aroma that is known to have effect on the brain. It helps reducing anxiety, insomnia, blood pressure, low libido etc.  

Ylang Ylang is notorious for his aphrodisiac properties but he is more than just that. His properties oil will boost your mood, effectively reduce depression, lower blood pressure and anxiety level.

Use: Dilute in water, oil or other appropriate products.